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org::apache::velocity::runtime::parser::node::ASTReference Class Reference

Inheritance diagram for org::apache::velocity::runtime::parser::node::ASTReference:


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Detailed Description

This class is responsible for handling the references in VTL ($foo).

Please look at the Parser.jjt file which is what controls the generation of this class.

Jason van Zyl

Geir Magnusson Jr.

Christoph Reck

<a href="mailto:kjohnson@transparent.com>Kent Johnson

ASTReference.java,v 2004/03/03 23:22:59 geirm Exp

Definition at line 49 of file ASTReference.java.

Public Member Functions

 ASTReference (Parser p, int id)
 ASTReference (int id)
Object childrenAccept (ParserVisitor visitor, Object data)
void dump (String prefix)
boolean evaluate (InternalContextAdapter context) throws MethodInvocationException
Object execute (Object o, InternalContextAdapter context) throws MethodInvocationException
int getColumn ()
Token getFirstToken ()
int getInfo ()
Token getLastToken ()
int getLine ()
String getRootString ()
int getType ()
Object getVariableValue (Context context, String variable)
Object init (InternalContextAdapter context, Object data) throws Exception
boolean isInvalid ()
Object jjtAccept (ParserVisitor visitor, Object data)
void jjtAddChild (Node n, int i)
void jjtClose ()
Node jjtGetChild (int i)
int jjtGetNumChildren ()
Node jjtGetParent ()
void jjtOpen ()
void jjtSetParent (Node n)
String literal ()
boolean render (InternalContextAdapter context, Writer writer) throws IOException, MethodInvocationException
void setFirstToken (Token t)
void setInfo (int info)
void setInvalid ()
void setLiteral (String literal)
boolean setValue (InternalContextAdapter context, Object value) throws MethodInvocationException
String toString (String prefix)
Object value (InternalContextAdapter context) throws MethodInvocationException

Public Attributes

boolean state

Protected Attributes

Node[] children
Token first
int id
int info
boolean invalid = false
Token last
Node parent
Parser parser
RuntimeServices rsvc = null
Info uberInfo

Private Member Functions

String getRoot ()

Private Attributes

boolean computableReference = true
boolean escaped = false
String escPrefix = ""
String identifier = ""
String literal = null
String morePrefix = ""
String nullString
int numChildren = 0
int referenceType
String rootString

Static Private Attributes

static final int FORMAL_REFERENCE = 2
static final int NORMAL_REFERENCE = 1
static final int QUIET_REFERENCE = 3
static final int RUNT = 4

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