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void org::apache::velocity::runtime::configuration::Configuration::addProperty ( String  key,
Object  token 
) [inline]

Add a property to the configuration. If it already exists then the value stated here will be added to the configuration entry. For example, if

resource.loader = file

is already present in the configuration and you

addProperty("resource.loader", "classpath")

Then you will end up with a Vector like the following:

["file", "classpath"]

String key
String value

Definition at line 564 of file Configuration.java.

References addStringProperty(), org::apache::velocity::runtime::configuration::Configuration::PropertiesTokenizer::hasMoreTokens(), keysAsListed, and org::apache::velocity::runtime::configuration::Configuration::PropertiesTokenizer::nextToken().

Referenced by load(), and setProperty().


        // $$$ GMJ : remove after 1.1 release
        // for deprecation help
        deprecationCrutch.addProperty( key, token );

        Object o = this.get(key);

         *  $$$ GMJ
         *  FIXME : post 1.0 release, we need to not assume
         *  that a scalar is a String - it can be an Object
         *  so we should make a little vector-like class
         *  say, Foo that wraps (not extends Vector),
         *  so we can do things like
         *  if ( !( o instanceof Foo) )
         *  so we know it's our 'vector' container
         *  This applies throughout
        if (o instanceof String)
            Vector v = new Vector(2);
            put(key, v);
        else if (o instanceof Vector)
            ((Vector) o).addElement(token);
             * This is the first time that we have seen
             * request to place an object in the 
             * configuration with the key 'key'. So
             * we just want to place it directly into
             * the configuration ... but we are going to
             * make a special exception for String objects
             * that contain "," characters. We will take
             * CSV lists and turn the list into a vector of
             * Strings before placing it in the configuration.
             * This is a concession for Properties and the
             * like that cannot parse multiple same key
             * values.
            if (token instanceof String &&
                ((String)token).indexOf(PropertiesTokenizer.DELIMITER) > 0)
                PropertiesTokenizer tokenizer = 
                    new PropertiesTokenizer((String)token);
                while (tokenizer.hasMoreTokens())
                    String value = tokenizer.nextToken();
                     * we know this is a string, so make sure it
                     * just goes in rather than risking vectorization
                     * if it contains an escaped comma
                 * We want to keep track of the order the keys
                 * are parsed, or dynamically entered into
                 * the configuration. So when we see a key
                 * for the first time we will place it in
                 * an ArrayList so that if a client class needs
                 * to perform operations with configuration
                 * in a definite order it will be possible.

                 * safety check

                if( !containsKey( key ) )

                 * and the value
                put(key, token);

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